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MrGreyDeath's Application For Admin Empty MrGreyDeath's Application For Admin

Post  MrGreyDeath on Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:54 pm

hi i would like to be a admin cause im very good at it Smile i am willing to put 1-2 comps toward the server hosting (basically donating them Very Happy) and i am actually on just about 24/7 (when i come back from skool)

i also wont do retarded things like (aimed at silly3648 here) being retarded and deleting posts and topics for no reason. i am very good at minecraft and i would LOVE to be on a server that is almost grief proof Smile i am a very good person overall and personally know callbb3b and silly3648. i even helped them build the server and if u look at the history that callbb3b wrote at the bottom it sais my name Very Happy

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MrGreyDeath's Application For Admin Empty Re: MrGreyDeath's Application For Admin

Post  Callbb3b on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:20 pm

MrGreyDeath. We have no problem of you being an administrator. But you can just expect to be one. You need to have a goal and work for it. The reason we don't think you should host the server is because.

1. Its very difficult. You can't just host it. You need to do a whole list of things.
2. You are not sure on how the server should operate.
3. I created the server and I think it would make sense if I was hosting.

It's very kind of you to donate a couple of computers. But we simply don't need them Smile

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