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iconomy how to!

Post  Silly3648 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:17 am

Here are the commands for iconomy

Auction commands.
<i> = item, <a> = amount
/auction - Shows current auction details or auction running information.
/auction -s|start <time-seconds> <item> <amount> <start-bid>");
Optional after <start-bid>: [min-bid] [max-bid]");
Desc: Starts the auction with name for concurrent bids");
/auction -b|bid <a> - bid on the current auction
/shop -e|end - ends the current auction
/auction ?|help - help documentation

Money commands.

<p> = player, <a> = amount, | = or
/money - Shows your balance
/money <p> - Shows player balance
/money -p|pay <p> <a> - Pay a player money
/money -r|rank <p> - Show your rank or another players
/money -t|top - Shows top 5
/money -t|top <a> - Shows top amount given
/money help|? - Displays the help documentation
Admin Features [by default, changable through permissions]
/money -c|credit - Give a player money
/money -d|debit - Take a players money
/money -x|reset <p> [notify(y|n)] - Resets a players balance, Do not include the word notify in the command!

Shop commands.

<i> = item, <a> = amount, | = or
/shop - Shows condensed help
/shop <i> - Shows amount per item/bundle for selling/buying
/shop <i> <a> - Shows amount per <a> for selling/buying
/shop -b|buy <i> - Purchase a single <i>
/shop -b|buy <i> <a> - Purchase <a> of <i>
/shop -s|sell <i> - Sell a single <i>
/shop -s|sell <i> <a> - Sell <a> of <i>
/shop help|? - Displays this information

And finally Sign shops.

/sign - Shows current stock / shop ownage


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