How to lockette

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How to lockette

Post  worm424 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:58 pm

Do you want to lock your chests? Try the following.
1. Place a sign on the ground the block in front of your chest
2. Make the following layout (Line 3 and 4 are for people you want to be able to access the chest.)
Line 1 = [Private]
Line 2 = …blank
Line 3 = Username or blank
Line 4 = Username or blank

To add more people to the list place another sign in front of the box in with the following layout:
Line 1 = [More Users]
Line 2 = Username
Line 3 = Username
Line 4 = Username

To stop people accessing your chest. Break the sign with their name on it and remake the sign. Always best to leave sign 1 (the main one to lock the chest) with only line one. That way if you happen to want to kick someones access that is on sign one, you don’t need to make all the signs again


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