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(Mods) how to use world gaurd  Empty (Mods) how to use world gaurd

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Have a list of owners that can edit in the region
Have a list of members that can build in the region
May have a parent region
Can have flags to disable certain features (such as PvP)

Regions protect chests and furnaces, prevent bucket and flint and steel usage, and will prevent TNT ignition.
Warning: Dispensers and note blocks are not yet protected due to bugs in CraftBukkit.

If two regions overlap, then a player must be an owner of both regions in order to build in the area. However, if one region is a child of another, a player only needs to have permission in the parent or permission in the child to build in the child. Child regions inherit the owners and members of their parent regions.

Owners of a region can edit the region if the worldguard.region.claim permission is provided. Members can never edit a region but they can build in one.

In the future, regions will also have priorities.
[edit] Selecting regions

Regions are selected using WorldEdit.

Unfamiliar with WorldEdit?

Give the worldedit.selection.* permission to allow users to select areas.
With the wooden axe, left and right click blocks to set a cuboid's first and second point.
Use //expand 10 15 up to make the area 10 units larger upwards and 15 units larger downwards.

If you want to make the selection extend between sky and bedrock, use //expand vert.

Check out the help for WorldEdit. WorldEdit has the most powerful cuboid (polygonal coming soon) selection and manipulation tools of any plugin or mod in Minecraft and so you should become familiar with it!
[edit] Commands

Permission must be given for /region for users to be able to use these commands. If you want users to be able to make their own regions and edit them, give permission for /regionclaim.
[edit] Defining regions

/region define <id> [owner1] [owner2] [owner3] (etc.)

This defines a new protected region. You can enter a list of owners that will be able to build in this area. To specify a player, just enter their name for player. To specify groups, put 'g:' in front of the group name. Re-defining an area will clear all of its information. To add members, use /region addmember (see below).
Tip: To give a user the ability to bypass protection, use the permission worldguard.region.bypass.
[edit] Claiming regions

/region claim <id>

Allows a regular user to claim a plot of land and be set as its areas owner. Users can only claim areas that don't overlap other people's areas and they cannot replace another existing area that they don't own. They redefine areas they own with this command. Re-claiming an existing owned area will clear its owner list.

Note that if the region is claimed inside another region (and it is allowed), it will not be automatically be set as a child of the surrounding region. However, this can be done with the user with /region setparent.

Give the /regionclaim permission for users to be able to use this.
[edit] Setting a region's flags

/region flag <id> <flag> <none|allow|deny>
/rf <id> <flag> <none|allow|deny>

Set a flag on an existing region.

A flag with none as its state means that it will have the default behavior.
allow explicitly allows the behavior.
deny explicitly denies the behavior.
deny takes precedence over allow, and allow takes precedence over none.
All regions start off with none for all of its flags when first created.

For example, if two regions overlap, if one of those two regions has deny for its build flag, then no one will be able to build at all. If one of those regions has allow for its build flag and the other does not have deny, then anyone can build in the region.

The regions list will be written to file when a flag is changed.

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